How did I end up here?

It seemed like an age ago since Joel pestered me to go cycling with him in Majorca. As someone who didn’t even own a road bike (I commute on my hipster single speed), the idea of cycling up a mountain for 15 km didn’t quite tickle my fancy. Nevertheless, he persisted, and I caved and ended up in Majorca along with Tim, who hates hills even more than I do! The hills were gruelling, but that’s because I had a bit of extra mass that I was lugging up there. You see, for about five years I’ve been cultivating mass, for the gains obviously, but I’ve conveniently forgotten to go to the gym for those five years… What really made the trip worth it though, were those downhills. Going down a mountain road for 15 km was absolutely incredible and to say I caught the bug would be a bit of an understatement.

When we returned, Joel’s next challenge for me was to join him on this “1000 miles for Humphrey” charity ride. I scoffed at the idea, I don’t even own a bike Joel! Again, somehow, he not only managed to convince me to join him and the team, but he convinced me to buy a bike. And what a bike she is. Here, look at her, LOOK!

Her name is Allie (the allez, geddit?) and for the love of God, please don’t call her Tarquin like the others do.

So now the real training begins! We have a little under a year to get fit enough to do 1000 miles in two and a half weeks, and for me to shed those few kgs that make it oh so difficult to get up those hills! We’ve met up as a team and done a few rides together, one of which was the Manchester to Blackpool ride which was the farthest I’ve ever cycled, so was pretty chuffed with that! The team are absolutely fantastic, and I cannot wait for the other training rides we do together.

Watch this space for training and complaining updates ?.