Update Time

So, things have been quiet on the biog front recently, everybody’s been getting into the slog of training rides in the winter, route planning, campsite booking and other bits and bobs. So – a general update, if only to reassure you all that we’re still suitably suffering to convince you to donate to such a worthy cause.


  1. Speaking of worthy causes Harry has been discharged from further checkups! For the last 5 years (ok, 4 years and 364 days) we’ve been in the care of Ross Cragie at RMCH, who operated on Harry when he was 13 days old. This has involved regular ultrasounds and blood tests to check that there’s no tumour regrowth, and that the major surgery Harry went through at such a young age hasn’t caused any further problems. Happily, everything looks good – Harry is happy and healthy and showing no ill effects, and Joel and Amy had a party last weekend to celebrate the end of a long long time. Predictably this turned into a 3 hour Nerf war as the evening went on!
  2. We’ve got a new sponsor! Altrincham Bikeshak have agreed to sponsor the ride in the form of servicing and mechanical support. This is really key for us, because 1000 miles (actually 1100!) is a long way to take a road bike in a single ride. Having the bikes serviced to a high standard before we go gives us some real faith that they’ll make it without serious mechanicals!
  3. The route is sorted! Joel, Becca and Gillian took a couple of days over the last few weeks to nail down our route, and to find and book campsites to sleep in along the way. We’ll be launching a new page on the website early in the new year, which will show you exactly where we’re going and when, so keep your eyes peeled for that.
  4. In much more minor news I (Joel) hit my Strava target for miles ridden this year. Sounds good right? Except my target was set a little before i signed up to this thing, and it was 3000 miles. And I’m proud of hitting it, it’s a good target and a decent number of miles to ride in a year. Now all I have to do is get ready to ride a third of my yearly milage in 2 weeks! Gulp!