Author: Joel Turner

Update Time

So, things have been quiet on the biog front recently, everybody’s been getting into the slog of training rides in the winter, route planning, campsite booking and other bits and bobs. So – a general update, if only to reassure you all that we’re still suitably suffering to convince you to donate to such a…
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Manchester to Blackpool

For a first team-training ride this didn’t seem so bad: Nobody decided they definitely didn’t want to do a bigger ride next year, nobody died or sustained a major injury and Joe only fell off twice for his first time on clipless pedals. It was a day of firsts for many of the riders. First…
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Why on Earth?

This is the third one of these i’ve done. At the end of each of the previous two I’ve sworn i’ll never do it again, and yet just over a year later I find myself already planning the next. Each of the previous rides has been relatively small in comparison, less than half the distance…
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