The Team


Joel Turner

Joel is Harry's dad, and the main driving force behind #1000MilesForHumphrey. This is the third of these charity rides he's organised, but by far the biggest. As a fairly novice (if enthusiastic) cyclist this is a major challenge for him, but if anybody's got reason to get through 1000 miles it's Joel. Joel will be riding the full 1000 miles of the challenge.

Tim Abram

Tim hates hills. Seriously he once woke up at 4am and set off alone on the second leg of a charity ride to find a flatter route. He's been involved in every charity ride we've done so far, and although he'll always claim to be slow, he'll always make it to the finish line (particularly if that includes a pub!). Tim will be riding the full 1000 miles in 2019.

Hywel Ragnauth

Hywel's one of two people crazy enough to be buying a bike to do this challenge. Not 'a nice new bike', actually buying a bicycle capable or riding 1000 miles so he can come along, which gives you an idea of what a good guy he is. Hywel started off planning to ride every other day, but after a year of hard-work he's going to take on the whole thing.

Becca Lock

New to the team, as well as ride the 1000 mile challenge Becca is a physio and will be helping when she gets a chance to give her legs a rest! Becca says she's most looking forward to the ride for the adventure, and that will hopefully carry her through the challenge!

Stuart Bogie

A cyclist for around 5 years, Stuart brings a bit of experience to the team. When asked why he wanted to join Stuart could only mumble something about "jedi mind tricks". Also appears to be the Team Mechanic.

Gillian Rennie

Gillian has been roped into relaying the ride. After once inviting Joel to look at a bike she was 'thinking of buying' and walking out of the shop clad head-to-toe in lycra. As a doctor we're hoping she'll keep Tim alive on the hillier stages of the ride!

Joseph Hodgson

Joe is another fool who's bought a bike for this: an afternoon of 'sampling' whisky with Joel and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Joe's already taking the training seriously, with a personal training plan put together, ideas for nutrition and equipment and buckets of enthusiasm. The rest of us are just hoping we'll keep up with him after a years training!


Marc Schmidt

Marc is an institution at Manchester University, where many of the riders are based. As an Experimental Officer he's used to problem solving for a living, but we're hoping that his support role will be largely confined to driving the van in a a trouble free ride this time!
When asked for a bio to use in here Marc supplied "German and not dead yet" which we can't argue with on any count.

Jo Kelly

Joanna is a scary lady. Her proudest achievement is an ability to make a shiv from a marshmallow. Thankfully she's also an accomplished cook, baker and tent-raiser, all skills which will hopefully be far more useful!

Amy Turner

Amy is Harry's mum and has somehow not only agreed to let Joel buy the bike he'll ride for this, but also to come along and help for the two weeks. As a nurse on the ward where Harry received most of his treatment, Amy sees first-hand the benefits the the Children's Hospital Charity provide, and understands what an important cause it is.

Roxi Neall

Roxi already volunteers at RMCH, where she's a presenter and general awesome-person at Radio Lollipop, a hospital radio station working to keep the patients entertained. Her main jobs will be driving the support car and keeping Rob in check!

Rob Worth

Rob is another researcher at UoM coming along to help out with this great cause. As a keen whisky lvoer, he's hoping to provide some distilled support after helping with a hard days cycling.